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12.6 Client pages

The (webid-oidc server endpoint client) module defines an endpoint to serve the public pages for a client application.

Class: <client-id> (<endpoint>) client-id redirect-uris client-name client-uri grant-types response-types

During the OIDC authorization process, the identity provider must check some things against the public URI of a client application. This endpoint will respond to this query.

You can construct it with #:redirect-uris (a list of URIs), #:client-id (an URI, or string encoding an URI), #:client-name (a string), #:grant-types (a list of symbols or strings), #:response-types (a list of symbols or strings).

Generic: redirect-uris client-id

Return the list of approved redirection URIs.

Generic: client-id client-id

Return the URI where the application can be queried by the identity provider.

Generic: client-name client-id

Return the associated name. Please note that the companion implementation of the identity provider in this package will not display the name to the user, because it can be misleading.

Generic: client-uri client-id

Return the URI where people can find information about the application. Also not hidden by the identity provider.

Class: <redirect-uri> (<endpoint>)

This endpoint receives an authorization code, and display it to the user, asking to paste it in the application.