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6 OIDC discovery

An identity provider is known by its server name. The different endpoints can be discovered from there.

Class: <oidc-configuration> () jwks-uri authorization-endpoint token-endpoint

The OIDC configuration for an identity provider. jwks-uri, authorization-endpoint adn token-endpoint are all URIs.

You can construct an OIDC configuration two different ways:

Exception type: &invalid-oidc-configuration

This exception is raised when the configuration is unusable or incomplete.

function: make-invalid-oidc-configuration

Constructor for the &invalid-oidc-configuration exception type.

function: invalid-oidc-configuration? exception

Check whether exception was raised because of an invalid OIDC configuration.

Generic: jwks-uri oidc-configuration

Return the JWKS uri of oidc-configuration.

Generic: jwks oidc-configuration

Query the JWKS uri of oidc-configuration.

Generic: authorization-endpoint oidc-configuration

Return the authorization endpoint of oidc-configuration.

Generic: token-endpoint oidc-configuration

Return the token endpoint of oidc-configuration.

Generic: serve configuration expiration-date

Return 2 values: the response, and response body, needed to serve configuration. It is very much recommended to let clients cache this value. They will not revalidate it until after expiration-date, a SRFI-19 date.